Bringing clarity to the situation

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Norrsken-owned Klarity has a burning desire to put an end to corruption. The organisation is an online community run from Europe’s biggest impact hub in Stockholm, Sweden. Klarity is a tech company, who’s developing a platform where people from all over the world can post evidence of corruption. And then begins the arduous task of building opinion to terminate a practice that everyone knows is wrong. So, how could all this be summed up and turned into a brand, Eliza Kücükaslan, head of Klarity, wanted to know. Limeblue had an idea, and promptly put Eliza and colleague Axel Eriksson in touch with communication architect Gunnar Lindén. He, in his turn, brought in writer and strategist Lars Norén to help him build and shape a branding structure as a basis for Klarity’s communication. After a few sessions on their own, and then together with Klarity, Gunnar and Lars were able to draft a framework to Klarity’s liking. It will serve as the foundation for Klarity’s future communication. “We’ll most likely be back for more,” said Eliza Kücükaslan.

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Know-how for those who do not know how

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Multi award-winning IT-guide has been around since 2010. But all of a sudden they had a problem.
So, what is IT-guide? you may wonder. It helps newly-arrived people in Sweden get a job where they can use their IT skills. And, in turn, these savvy young people help Swedish seniors get to grips with what for them is often a digital mystery. A smartphone that loses them, or a laptop they can’t get to grips with. So, IT-guide is all about integration, and, equally, about the dissemination of know-how to those who don’t know how. Back to the problem. There’d been IT breaches and bits of hacking into IT-guide, so matchmaking agent Limeblue Impact put IT-guide in touch with ÅFs Román Lazunin. Could he set the entrepreneur’s IT security straight? “He looked through our system and gave us good advice,” says IT-guide’s CEO Gunilla Lundberg. “Roman showed great involvement and would be more than happy to do more for us.” Said Lazunin: “There were security problems that I found a way to deal with.” The way of solving the hacking
issue, concluded Roman Lazunin, “was a two-step login procedure”. Done! And – hacking’s history. (At least, hopefully, when it comes to IT-guide.)

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Let’s get togged up in Something Borrowed!

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The appeal of Something Borrowed seems irresistible. Volunteers galore queue up to help out at Gothenburg’s coolest fashion offshoot – where you’ll get your wardrobe extended for a modest fee – and for a shortish period of time. Then it’ll be renewed, again. ÅFs Katarina Brodin, who’s got a soft spot for fashion, responded to the company’s appeal for a member on its advisory board. “Great to able to use my business acumen in a field I love,” she said. “I can see obvious business opportunities for Something Borrowed via us at ÅF.” Erika Heander, who’s responsible for Waste and Recycling at ÅF, also responded to Something’s call for help. Says Erika, enthusiastically: “I think there’s great scope for Something Borrowed, and it’s fun for me to be able to help them expand.” Also, Erika’s specialist area of sustainability will be of use for the company, particularly when it comes to recycling garments that are on their way out.

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A Sustainable Breakfast: Limeblue Impact seminar at Norrsken House

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We have just completed our first seminar: A Sustainable Breakfast. It was as successful as it was inspiring, and the atmosphere was great. (The tasty sandwiches helped, of course.) Among the participants was one of our member companies – ÅF. Plus a number of candidates not yet in the bag, and some who keep knocking on our door. 

Limeblue Impact matches volunteers with social entrepreneurs. Eliza Kücükaslan from Klarity represented the latter, whose objective is to eradicate corruption. A tough task, because one in four people on our planet has to pay bribes to make life work, as she told us. Unworthy and undignified, of course.

But – so what else did we have at this sustainable breakfast? Well, we had the opportunity to  – introduce and listen to – two of the three people we have assigned to our Action Board: Ken Skoog and Jonas Axelsson. The third member, Jessica Cederberg Wodmar, who was going to lead the breakfast seminar, was unfortunately not well. (Poor, Jessica!)

Katarina Brodin from ÅF, the large and well-known consultancy firm, described the situation as follows: “In order for us to attract and retain the best graduates,” explained Katarina, “we must be able to offer more than a good salary for them to come to us. And moreover – stay”. Replacing a consultant, needless to say, costs ÅF a great deal, she said. “If we can attract and motivate employees to stay, it’s worth a tremendous amount.” That’s why ÅF is now testing Limeblue’s voluntary service.

Limeblue’s Jonas Axelsson, who also plays a major role at Karma, told us about the volunteer work that various employers have encouraged him to do over the years. “It generates a lot of inspiration in the everyday work situation. Also you feel proud of yourself and your employer.” Ken Skoog, also from Limeblue, struck a blow for sustainability when it comes to the employee: “This kind of talk you hear of people working 60 hours a week… I think we must understand that it is really not sustainable!”

Summing up: Participants at the seminar were agreed that sustainability is a much greater topic than what is reflected in a sustainability report. All in all, it was a morning of sustenance.

We aim to stage the next tasty breakfast seminar in early June. Please suggest a theme by contacting us!

Law obedience at Just Arrived

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Klas Britse saw the ad on our website. It was Just Arrived, spawned by Norrsken in Stockholm, who called out for a bit of help with GDPR. Just Arrived’s mission is to get newcomers in Sweden a job as fast as possible. Crucial to integration. Klas, who’s an experienced management consultant from ÅF is quite well-versed when it comes to GDPR. He made a presentation for Arrived’s management team, then interviewed each of them individually. This resulted in a report, which was subsequently presented to the startup. Just Arrived had been fretting over the new GDPR requirements to be introduced in May 2018. Klas Britse, who says he’d be happy to do more volunteering work for us, smartly took the heat off. Thank you, Klas! 

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Borrowed looks

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David Axelsson at ÅF was dying to do graphic design.
One day he spotted an ad on Limeblue Impact’s website. It was penned by Something Borrowed, who needed graphics and icons for their company. David set to it and before you could say fördelningsrådgivare he’d delivered an entire programme. It went down a hoot with Madlén and Daniella.

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New lens, new perspective

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Madlén Fondén and Daniella Letica at Something Borrowed had a problem. They didn’t know how to handle their super nice camera. A bit of a snag when you need to put up thousands of pics of thousands of garments on your website. So photographer Mats Olofsson got into his Caddy in Stockholm and rolled up to Borrowed’s door in Gothenburg. The morning was theory, the afternoon practical. The girls were very pleased indeed, as was Mats, who told them they also had to get a new lens. Now Something Borrowed is chugging along quite nicely.

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