Skills-based volunteering is a powerful tool for employee engagement!

Limeblue Impact offers a platform where social entrepreneurs and companies can meet. Employees at these companies are given the opportunity to contribute their time and skill to social entrepreneurs who want to improve the world in line with the UN's development goals. This may include help with web design, pricing strategy, market research or IT architecture.

We know that strong skills-based volunteering programs are a triple win: Social entrepreneurs get the support they need, companies can invest more deeply in their communities, and employees have the professional opportunities they want. In summary, these are some of the advantages your company will get:

• Easier to attract and retain talent
• Lower costs of disengagement
• Contribution in a very concrete way towards the UN development goals
• Increased pride
• Increased engagement

When you want to become a member company, we have three distinct packages:


A simple start-up package for those who want to test. This means that you will have access to all assignments and our matching platform as well as a strategy workshop where we will help you get started.

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This package is for those who want to create pride within your company. This means that we help with a manual matching of assignments, project management and a monthly report of all assignments.

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Here you get the support of spreading the message to your employees and externally through storytelling and movies.

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