Bringing clarity to the situation

Norrsken-owned Klarity has a burning desire to put an end to corruption. The organisation is an online community run from Europe’s biggest impact hub in Stockholm, Sweden. Klarity is a tech company, who’s developing a platform where people from all over the world can post evidence of corruption. And then begins the arduous task of building opinion to terminate a practice that everyone knows is wrong. So, how could all this be summed up and turned into a brand, Eliza Kücükaslan, head of Klarity, wanted to know. Limeblue had an idea, and promptly put Eliza and colleague Axel Eriksson in touch with communication architect Gunnar Lindén. He, in his turn, brought in writer and strategist Lars Norén to help him build and shape a branding structure as a basis for Klarity’s communication. After a few sessions on their own, and then together with Klarity, Gunnar and Lars were able to draft a framework to Klarity’s liking. It will serve as the foundation for Klarity’s future communication. “We’ll most likely be back for more,” said Eliza Kücükaslan.

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