Know-how for those who do not know how

Multi award-winning IT-guide has been around since 2010. But all of a sudden they had a problem.
So, what is IT-guide? you may wonder. It helps newly-arrived people in Sweden get a job where they can use their IT skills. And, in turn, these savvy young people help Swedish seniors get to grips with what for them is often a digital mystery. A smartphone that loses them, or a laptop they can’t get to grips with. So, IT-guide is all about integration, and, equally, about the dissemination of know-how to those who don’t know how. Back to the problem. There’d been IT breaches and bits of hacking into IT-guide, so matchmaking agent Limeblue Impact put IT-guide in touch with ÅFs Román Lazunin. Could he set the entrepreneur’s IT security straight? “He looked through our system and gave us good advice,” says IT-guide’s CEO Gunilla Lundberg. “Roman showed great involvement and would be more than happy to do more for us.” Said Lazunin: “There were security problems that I found a way to deal with.” The way of solving the hacking
issue, concluded Roman Lazunin, “was a two-step login procedure”. Done! And – hacking’s history. (At least, hopefully, when it comes to IT-guide.)

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