Let’s get togged up in Something Borrowed!

The appeal of Something Borrowed seems irresistible. Volunteers galore queue up to help out at Gothenburg’s coolest fashion offshoot – where you’ll get your wardrobe extended for a modest fee – and for a shortish period of time. Then it’ll be renewed, again. ÅFs Katarina Brodin, who’s got a soft spot for fashion, responded to the company’s appeal for a member on its advisory board. “Great to able to use my business acumen in a field I love,” she said. “I can see obvious business opportunities for Something Borrowed via us at ÅF.” Erika Heander, who’s responsible for Waste and Recycling at ÅF, also responded to Something’s call for help. Says Erika, enthusiastically: “I think there’s great scope for Something Borrowed, and it’s fun for me to be able to help them expand.” Also, Erika’s specialist area of sustainability will be of use for the company, particularly when it comes to recycling garments that are on their way out.

So far: 15 #worldimpactpoints (and counting)

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