A Sustainable Breakfast: Limeblue Impact seminar at Norrsken House

We have just completed our first seminar: A Sustainable Breakfast. It was as successful as it was inspiring, and the atmosphere was great. (The tasty sandwiches helped, of course.) Among the participants was one of our member companies – ÅF. Plus a number of candidates not yet in the bag, and some who keep knocking on our door. 

Limeblue Impact matches volunteers with social entrepreneurs. Eliza Kücükaslan from Klarity represented the latter, whose objective is to eradicate corruption. A tough task, because one in four people on our planet has to pay bribes to make life work, as she told us. Unworthy and undignified, of course.

But – so what else did we have at this sustainable breakfast? Well, we had the opportunity to  – introduce and listen to – two of the three people we have assigned to our Action Board: Ken Skoog and Jonas Axelsson. The third member, Jessica Cederberg Wodmar, who was going to lead the breakfast seminar, was unfortunately not well. (Poor, Jessica!)

Katarina Brodin from ÅF, the large and well-known consultancy firm, described the situation as follows: “In order for us to attract and retain the best graduates,” explained Katarina, “we must be able to offer more than a good salary for them to come to us. And moreover – stay”. Replacing a consultant, needless to say, costs ÅF a great deal, she said. “If we can attract and motivate employees to stay, it’s worth a tremendous amount.” That’s why ÅF is now testing Limeblue’s voluntary service.

Limeblue’s Jonas Axelsson, who also plays a major role at Karma, told us about the volunteer work that various employers have encouraged him to do over the years. “It generates a lot of inspiration in the everyday work situation. Also you feel proud of yourself and your employer.” Ken Skoog, also from Limeblue, struck a blow for sustainability when it comes to the employee: “This kind of talk you hear of people working 60 hours a week… I think we must understand that it is really not sustainable!”

Summing up: Participants at the seminar were agreed that sustainability is a much greater topic than what is reflected in a sustainability report. All in all, it was a morning of sustenance.

We aim to stage the next tasty breakfast seminar in early June. Please suggest a theme by contacting us!


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