“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining who we are.”


– Oprah

By connecting good people we strive to initiate social change. Volunteering is always a great idea, and we help you do good to feel good.

What Limeblue Impact does

We are the matchmakers of tomorrow. The need for sustainability and social entrepreneurship is bigger than ever. There are lots of social entrepreneurs sitting on great ideas but lacking the resources or competence. At the same time the interest for volunteering is growing, but many employers don’t know how to take the first step to get involved. So how could we connect them and help them reach a common goal? We bring social entrepreneurs together with volunteers who are both striving to make a difference in society.

What’s in it for the social entrepreneurs?

Imagine having a revolutionary idea that actually could change the world and the society we live in, but not having the possibility to turn it into reality? There is no lack of talented social entrepreneurs out there – however they often lack some resources or skills. This is where we come in. By connecting volunteers with suitable skills and social entrepreneurs, they get the help they need and can make something fun out of it at the same time. Please see our assignments to learn more about what our entrepreneurs need.

What’s in it for the volunteers?

Why would you want to help people you don’t know build their company? Well, you’re not just helping the world become a better place, you are also helping yourself. Volunteering creates a new purpose for you, and is a unique chance to develop and use your skills. It is also a great possibility to meet new people, make new connections and further your career. We will connect you with the assignments best matching your skills and ambitions and then magic will happen. And you know what? You only have to pay with your skills and time.

 What’s in it for the companies?

We want to help you showcase your company values, attract and retain employees, generate team building and improve the company image. Nowadays it is crucial for companies to have well integrated CSR programs when recruiting. By giving your employees the personal fulfilment of volunteering they will give you increased engagement and loyalty. Improve your company’s reputation and shine a positive light on your values. We help you get the most out of goodwill, please see our solutions to see how we can help you.

OceanSky Cruises

… A cultivated tour operator making tourism truly sustainable by pioneering experiences. They need your help reaching out. Sounds interesting?

The Global Goals we help fulfill.

This is Limeblue Impact

It all started with our founder Tony having a dream to actually do something about the state of the world. A world in a huge need for social change. Easier said than done, right? Together with Torben he decided to take action and make reality out of his big plans. That is how Limeblue Impact was born, on a mission to make the world a better place together with social entrepreneurs, companies and volunteers.

Without risking losing your interest we have decided to keep it short and simple here but if you are interested in finding out more about us feel free to ask.

Tony Lantz
Founder & CEO
Contact: tony@limeblue.se

Torben Grut
Contact: torben@limeblue.se

Mina Lindman
Contact: mina@limeblue.se

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar
Action Board Member

Ken Skoog
Action Board Member

Jonas Axelsson
Action Board Member

Join us, it'll be fun!