What we can do for you

Our Platform

Limeblue is an online community and on-demand marketplace for companies. At Limeblue we are working on integrating global issues with reference to the UN development goals to the assignments that are created by our users. Read more about the UN goals HERE.

The Different Roles

Depending on your needs, Limeblue offers four different roles in its administration. 

  • Social Entrepreneurs – this is a small-scale business, innovators or entrepreneurs that are in search of market based solutions from Limeblue’s volunteers.
  • Client and Client Admins – We create an ecosystem for our client companies where they can administer their team members and assignments to help social entrepreneurs as well as themselves and their internal projects.
  • Volunteers – Volunteers are people that are willing to do the tasks created by Clients or Social Entrepreneurs.


A person with a vision for good

You will be able to use Limeblue’s platform to create job opportunities and solutions that help your company grow. You can create assignments, and post them for volunteers who have registered with our network to match, apply and complete for you. 

The system sends you notifications for all the different steps in the process. You decide which volunteer will complete the assignment.


  • Create an assignment.
  • Choose Volunteer for that assignment.
  • Review the work that has been done.
  • Get feedback from volunteers.




Companies offering their time

Client is a company with its own volunteers. The Limeblue system can connect clients and volunteers to manage internal assignments. 

You can create your own assignments and your Volunteers can apply through the platform. The system will give you an analysis over your internal assignments. 

You will get notifications and email by the system, for example when a volunteer applies for an assignment, or an assignment is finished.

  • See an overview of all the activities of volunteers connected to you.
  • Create internal Assignments.
  • Edit all the internal assignments.


Person with marketable skills

As a registered volunteer you can apply to the assignments created by Social Entrepreneurs. You can also connect with your employer for internal assignments.

We will connect you with the assignments best matching your skills and ambitions. You can apply to assignments both from Social Entrepreneurs and internal assignments from your own company. You can even create assignments for other volunteers in the same company. 

  • Register under a Company and apply to that company’s assignment and also create your own internal assignment.
  • Apply to Social entrepreneur assignments.
  • Give feedback to social entrepreneurs.