Psst! Wanna help us? (We mean us - not them)Psst! Wanna help us? (We mean us - not them)

Ramping up sustainability.

We identified a need. In fact, two needs.
And the thing is – they coincided.
Social enterprise need to build their business.
Companies need to attract and retain the right people.
So, how could we help these people help each other?

By creating a venue where they could meet. The entrepreneur, dying to make the world a better place. And the increasingly disengaged employee of a company that would likely lose her or him. (Replacement cost €50,000+). By connecting social enterprises with volunteers at companies, we’re able to help both sides.

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So if you are company, ready to take the step, how do you start?

Package for companies

Psst! Even if your employer isn't a member of Limeblue yet, you can still tell us about your interest in volunteering. Hit the button for more info!

‘‘It’s been great.
You’ve been very useful to us.
Because the help is so practical.’’


Madlén Fondén, CEO Something Borrowed


About us.

Tony had a dream. In the dream he was told to do something about the state of the world. Big words. About a planet in big trouble.

Torben cocked an ear in his direction. Before long the two of them joined hands and set up a company.

Here we could really start blowing our trumpet, but we don’t want to risk you getting bored.

Nearly forgot to mention our illustrious Action Board; they´re worth bragging about. But we´ll stop here, for now.


Tony Lantz


Torben Grut


Action Board

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar


Ken Skoog


Jonas Axelsson


Building sustainability.